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Is this kitty yours? He has adopted us. (Lost and Found)
Lopez Island
August 9, 2018
Posted by Robin VanHyning, Lopez Island

This kitty has been wandering through for the past few weeks, but yesterday decided we were his forever home. Location: Hanson Ln - Fisherman Bay Area. He is very affectionate and VERY hungry. He appears to have some Siamese in him (he's mouthy!) and sits outside our door letting us know we are ignoring him. He is very distinctive due to his broken tail. He may be part Manx - he certainly has huge paws, but the tail does not appear to be naturally short. It has a crook and the bones are distorted. He is really sweet, but we were not really looking for a pet right now. If he's yours, you can reach me on my cell at 360-317-4529. If he's not yours, he will be able to stay on with us until he can find a forever home. Robin