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Cedar Shingles - A few bundles left (Building, Construction)
Lopez Island
September 24, 2018
Posted by Sue DuMond, Lopez Island

I have bundles of shingles left over from my house/shop project. Although they were stored, covered with tarp, some shingles on top have some water staining. It doesn't bother me and you can see for yourself what they look like on the side of my shop. Should fade with time.

I have two lots for sale.

4 Bundles = 1 Square

I have:

Lot #1: 4 Bundles - 18" Cedar Shingles

$50 each (Bargain! They are now $80+ a bundle, $97 Home depot)

Lot #2 - 3 1/2 Bundles #1 Blue Label fine grain 16 1/2" Shingles

$65 each bundle (these do not have water damage)