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1/3 Built Tiny Home on a Trailer (Offered: Other)
Lopez Island
June 12, 2018
Posted by Sprout Plankton, Lopez Island

Hi Lopezians!

I have a partially built structure on wheels. It is/has:

- About 7'by 14' (Perfect for interns/guests)
- A brand new hitch welded on.
- Dried in and has tar paper.
- My own design
- On a dear friends' land
- A bunch of unused materials that come with it, including a propane stove I took out of an old camper.

I'm basically selling it for the cost of materials: $2,500

I've realized that I no longer have the time or resources to complete it.

Please contact me through my email: sprankton88@yahoo.com

Thank You! And thank you to my friends on Lopez who helped me along the way.