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Wilderness Systems Kayak: Thresher 155, Helix MD, Motorized: $2500 (Marine)
Lopez Island
August 28, 2018
Posted by Rob Lyon, Lopez Island

Motor? That's right. German engineered Torqeedo motor. Long story short, I have a Thresher 155, Sit on Top, touring and fishing kayak available with motor drive. It was used on a magazine project in BC recently.

Check the Wilderness System site for further insight but these remarkable boats are one of the best all purpose models on the market. I am an inveterate SoT paddler, having paddled thousands of miles along the BC coast in them, this brand in particular. They just make sense for trekking and safety reasons. Like a glorified surf board, you sit on it, not in it. They do not fill up with water and have scuppers to drain any water that may come aboard. Gear is stashed in a water tight hull, via hatches.

This particular model has a removable Flex Pod that allows you to mount fish finder, battery and transducer in a removable pod, a pedal drive system or the Helix MD Motor Drive. Or keep the pod in place and run it straight up kayak.

Inquire for additional pics or further information.