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Drone photo-mapping of Weeks Wetland, December 5-10 (From Organizations)
Lopez Island
December 4, 2017
Posted by Krista Davis (Kwiaht), Lopez Island

As part of planning our salt marsh expansion project for some of the hay fields around Weeks
Wetland, Kwiaht will be flying a small drone to collect low elevation (< 300 feet) photos of the wetland during the "king tide" cycles in December and January. Photos will help us accurately map the area covered by this winter's highest tides and to forecast the extent of tidal inundation in the future. The San Juan County Land Bank has approved our use of a drone on December 5-10 and January 2-7, and we will make every effort to minimize any possible impact on people or wildlife.

Kwiaht's drone ("Tixwtuxw," a Coast Salish word for Osprey) is a very small, relatively quiet DJI Spark model registered with the FAA. Tixwtuxw will be flown for no more than an hour at a time, piloted by a certified UAS pilot, and carries liability insurance. The specific timing of each flight will depend upon tides, suitable weather, and float-plane traffic in Fisherman Bay. We will not fly over homes, or people visiting Weeks Wetland.

If you would like more information about Weeks Wetland mapping or Kwiaht's drone survey program, please contact us at info@kwiaht.org.