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Help for White Bear Woman (From Individuals)
Lopez Island
June 18, 2017
Posted by Beth Shirk, Lopez Island

White Bear Woman's daughter, Bryndl, had a cardiac arrest in Portland last week. On her way to Portland that day, White Bear was involved in an accident on I-5 that totaled her van. Her beloved dog, Dava, had internal injuries resulting from the accident and was put to sleep two days later. Through all this tragedy, White Bear's attitude remains positive and grateful. Bryndl is home now in Portland and is awaiting test results which will map her path ahead for surgery. White Bear remains in Portland to care for her daughter.

Friends of White Bear are asking for help from her friends and fellow islanders for a replacement car. She needs a car to get to her job at Lopez Fit and also to drive to Portland to continue to support Bryndl. Although she will receive a small insurance settlement for her van, it is not nearly enough. Islanders Bank is set up to receive contributions for White Bear now. All you have to do is walk into the bank and make your gift. Or, if you have an account at Islanders Bank, simply call the bank at 468-2295 and ask to transfer funds into White Bear Woman's account. The Bank has been very helpful in setting up this arrangement.

It is so special to live on Lopez Island, where our collective, caring community pitches in when needed. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference in White Bear's life. We have so much abundance here, in natural beauty and in resources. Please consider a gift to replace White Bear's car. The first $500 will be matched dollar for dollar.

Thank you for your consideration and love.

NEWSFLASH: A generous anonymous donor has given another $500 matching gift. So now the first $1,000 in contributions will be matched dollar for dollar.

PS if you know of an Outback, CRV or RAV4 type vehicle in good condition for sale, please let us know.