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What are the coolers for? (Other)
Lopez Island
November 13, 2020
Posted by Lonnie Star, Off-Island

I recently visited Lopez Island and I noticed that almost every house had a cooler at the end of their respective driveways. Is it milk delivery? egg delivery? Both? I'm just curious. Thank you.



Linda Hudson (Lopez): What are the coolers for?

Both volunteers and school employees put up produce from the school garden and island fruit trees each fall, for school lunches. Since the kids aren't in the school building this year, I am so glad to see this food is being brought to their houses!
Lonnie Star (Off-Island): What are the coolers for?

Thank you, Janet. That is amazing. Lopez Island has such a nice and supportive community.
Janet Raab (Lopez): What are the coolers for?

The coolers are used for school lunches that are delivered to students. My son gets very excited when he sees me walking up the driveway with his lunch. They are healthy and delicious thanks to the people who lovingly make them. I'm so very grateful for their dedication to the... Read all