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October 9, 2020
Posted by Tracy Collins, Lopez Island

anyone know why for the last two days there has been no Seattle Times newspaper delivered to LVM?



Linda Hudson: Seattle Times newspaper

I wrote to the Seatle Times and this is the answer I got:

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Elizabeth Halsey: Seattle Times newspaper

I miss getting the Sunday paper.
Dan Post: Seattle Times newspaper

The person who picks up and distributes the papers had his health turn for the worse. In the morning the boss from the market has been taking papers, so the market should have them.
Martha Sharon: Seattle Times newspaper

I was told at the Market that the person who used to pick up and distribute the papers from the ferry landing is no longer doing it. Apparently no replacement was found so the newspapers are no longer sent to Lopez Island.
Barbara Orcutt: Seattle Times newspaper

I do not have an answer for that, but did you know you could subscribe to a print replica online for a mere $15+ / month?