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Food cart (Food and Drink)
Lopez Island
October 3, 2020
Posted by Josh Palmer, Off-Island

Hello Islanders

I’ve visited Lopez for nearly forty years. Over that time I’ve seen a few restaurants and cafes come and go while some adapt and continue. However my question is to you all do you think you need more food options on the island and if so what kind?

I’m a chef with decades of varieties of cuisine experience and would like to return to Lopez and open a food cart since that seems to be the most practical and safest way in our new Covid environment.

Some questions are....
Would you think more late night food choices would be good? I can remember on more than one occasion I myself found myself hungry after the galley and islander had closed.
More food carts in the village or elsewhere ?
Also why is there a food wasteland at the ferry terminal where many people wait for hours getting hungry. What happened to that neat little trailer selling food with the picnic table?
How about a delivery food service down there serving food in coordination with ferry laws and regulations.

Well I’ll stop there and hopefully some response will come as I would be curious.

Stay safe and keep waving



Josh Palmer (Off-Island): Food cart

Thank you everyone who has contributed their thoughts about my food cart post. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to explain your answers.

in the meantime i'm continuing to figure out my best plan


Summer Hagge (Lopez): Food cart

I am so excited to read that there could be another food option on Lopez!! I love the Poutine truck and Setsunai (both ethnic food choices, local ingredients, gluten-free and DELICIOUS)... but as someone who works 7-4 on weekdays, the hours do not work for me. My husband and I take turns working at Southend... Read all
Jennifer Buckallew (Lopez): Food cart

Hi! Jen from Poutine Your Mouth food truck. I can answer many of the questions you pose. The Ferry is a contract and they require a RFP which isn’t going to happen, not at least for years.... Read all
Lea Ann Rolla (Lopez): Food cart

Would love to see a vegan truck which could include Indian, Thai, etc. The Poutine truck has vegan options, but would love to have a dedicated vegan/veg. truck so I could have more options. Thanks for asking. Bon chance!
James Rapson (Lopez): Food cart

Just realized that there's a thing that would be important to my support of the food cart, and maybe it's so baked into the Lopez culture it didn't even occur to me to say at first.

I want the cart to provide something... Read all
Sue Lesser (Lopez): Food cart

A food Cart open in the evenings 6-8pm would be great for take out dinners
Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese,Indian or really great Pizza would be fabulous.
Colleen Carroll (Lopez): Food cart

Josh, I’d support a food truck in the village during the day using fresh ingredients, served up hot and portable like a Cuban sandwich, po’ boy, grinder, Chicago style hot dog and pretzel, calzone, etc. Thanks and good luck!
Cass Clark (Lopez): Food cart

I also vote for Chinese of some kind. Also gluten free although Chinese would probably inherently have enough gluten free options.
James Rapson (Lopez): Food cart

I would drive anywhere on the island to get decent Vietnamese, Thai, or Korean. I can second the call for gluten free. Also second the idea of Lopez ingredients when possible. It does seem like a great idea to have options while waiting in line at the ferry - seems criminal that this has to be so difficult to... Read all
Julia Gilbreath (Lopez): Food cart

Food cart people at the ferry had to pay rent during the winter at the same rate and the parking was taken away. I’d love Chinese or Indian.
Toni Petrinovich (Lopez): Food cart

A gluten free menu would be over-the-top for those of us who have relatively few options on island. Take that into consideration when you are asking for comments because so many people are in the same boat.
Rochelle Fowler (Lopez): Food cart

The ferry landing is a much needed and perfect location for a food cart. One idea to consider is renting a space from a private land owner who lives walking distance from the ferry landing. There are several there. Just a thought...
Juliene Gschwend (Lopez): Food cart

First of all, the ferry...they would not be easy, you need a contract, and probably this would be a bureaucratic headache. A long time ago there was a restaurant, and some houses at the terminal. There has been a hot dog truck, but further up towards Odlin park. If you could swing doing that location, it might... Read all