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Help me find the Voter Guide (Services)
Lopez Island
July 30, 2020
Posted by Table Studzienko, Lopez Island

There sure are a lot of items and candidates on this ballot. I did manage to find a 'lil voter guide on the county website (https://www.sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/20636/2020-August-Primary-Voters-Guide), but it only included the "Nonpartisan Offices" and the Levies.

Does anyone know where I can find a more comprehensive guide?

*To be clear, I am NOT looking for opinions, or to create a stage on Rocks for proselytizing political beliefs/ pushing any agendas. This is not that venue. Simply hunting down the consolidated voter guide for positions like "Lt Governor," "Commissioner of Public Lands" et al. to save myself from sifting through 40 or so independent websites.

Thanks so much!



Table Studzienko: Help me find the Voter Guide

Thanks Madrona!
It does seem to cover a lot more ground, though a less fluid format: after selecting a position one then selects each candidate, one at a time to read their blurb.
Oh well, first world problems.

PS Check your email, I.... Read all
Madrona Murphy: Help me find the Voter Guide