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Snorkle? (Island Life and History)
Lopez Island
July 27, 2020
Posted by Lea Ann Rolla, Lopez Island

If you have snorkled or scuba, let me know the places you've found. I've snorkled Watmough and McKay Harbor. Just came back from Watmough this afternoon. Beautiful!
Also, do you want a snorkle buddy? I lost my buddy when she moved to Portugal. Would like to get a new buddy. Thanks for reading.



Deleted by Lea Ann Rolla: Snorkle?
Janna Nichols: Snorkel?

I have snorkeled and scuba dove (is that a word?) several places on Lopez. One is off the beach near the Fisherman Bay land bank. Another is off of the Richardson dock, down the bank where the old store used to be. Another is Hunter Bay on the south end,.... Read all
Renee Koplan: Snorkle?

I haven't snorkled here in the islands, but I think I would like to try it! Perhaps you could advise me on all the right equipment and we could go together? Email me! rjoyk@yahoo.com


p.s. Anyone reading have.... Read all