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Masks on the Ferry (Travel and Transportation)
Lopez Island
July 20, 2020
Posted by Madrona Murphy, Lopez Island

On Sunday July 19th I was on the ferry from Friday Harbor to all stops (it takes cars and passengers to Orcas, Shaw, and Lopez, and passengers only to Anacortes) and observed countless unmasked passengers in groups in the cabin. The announcement when people boarded reminded people to "please wear a mask if you are able" but the majority of the seated passengers were out of compliance (I estimated 80%). Those that were wearing masks were mostly in motion, probably like me having come up from their cars to use the facilities. I am baffled that the ferries can enforce the prohibition on unattended bags and children running, but seem to be giving up on enforcing an essential public health mandate during a deadly pandemic. The ferries are our public "highway" in the islands and unmasked passengers are a far greater safety risk than the imagined security risk of unattended bags! I've submitted my complaint to WSF as well.


Cass Clark: Masks on the Ferry
Yesterday, on the ferry going over to the mainland, two of the ferry workers were wearing their masks below their noses. On the way back, the fellow in the toll booth was wearing his the same way. Maybe it's the new style among ferry workers but it.... Read all
James Rapson: Masks on the Ferry
Okay, this sounds like progress - the operative phrase being "sounds like." Unless there is a State Patrol officer on board to issue the citation, I think WSF staff need an action to take - something with some force but which does not put them.... Read all
Madrona Murphy: Masks on the Ferry
I shared WSF's response with the chair of the Ferry Advisory Committee in the islands (Jim Corenman) and got this reply:

"Thanks for your note, and for forwarding the reply from WSF. This has been a topic of our discussions with WSF.... Read all
Madrona Murphy: Masks on the Ferry
This is the response I received from WSF

"Thank you for contacting the Washington State Ferries regarding other riders not wearing a facemask. We have talked with the state Attorney General’s Office about whether we can make customers.... Read all
John Waugh: Masks on the Ferry
Thanks Madrona! Mask-wearing is a pretty simple, yet proven-effective measure. Hopefully WSF will get on the ball.