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Mahonia/ Oregon Grape uses/ Foraging (Stories)
Lopez Island
June 28, 2020
Posted by Juliene Gschwend, Lopez Island

Right now, our Mahonia bushes have produced a small berry in clusters that resembles a blueberry, and they are ripe right now. Researched to find that this plant is also called "oregon grape" and the berries are edible.This plant is native to some of the NW, although I think we intentionally planted ours.
Some in the family are eating them straight, but I found a recipe on a
website called nittygrittylife (link provided - it's not my own site!) that makes use of this foraged berry. It's a lemon oregon grape curd. Meaning- the juice of the berry mainly, lemon juice and zest, eggs (quite a lot) and butter (Quite a lot). Will post photos eventually but it helps if you have a some kitchen equipment: lemon juicer and zester or microplaner, food processor, whisk, fine mesh strainer. Although I think the zester and whisk are the only must haves because you could make do with other methods.


Nathan Donnelly: Mahonia/ Oregon Grape uses/ Foraging
Powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral medicine can be made from the berberine and other alkaloids in its bright yellow cambium as well.