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Furniture Shipment (Services)
Lopez Island
February 12, 2020
Posted by Nicole Szostak, Lopez Island

Hey guys,

I am in the midst of looking for a new coach set to purchase for my home. Do you know of any affordable furniture companies that ship to the island?



Deleted by Joy Davis: Furniture Shipment
Christa Malay: Furniture Shipment

Pete Grunwald does delivery and pick up twice a week I think. 468-4675 .Has two big white trucks.
Cass Clark: Furniture Shipment

I've just had a couch delivered by LoveSac (lovesac.com). They have a number of pricing options.
Tracey Cottingham: Furniture Shipment

Check with Tracy's in Anacortes. I see their furniture truck delivering on Lopez from time to time.