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Ferry Traffic Monday 2/17 (Travel and Transportation)
Lopez Island
February 10, 2020
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I am looking forward to experiencing the Island over a long weekend. However,I need to be back in Seattle for an early afternoon appointment. With that being said, how busy is the 7:45am ferry on Mondays? The 17th is a Holiday as well, so not sure how that will impact an early ferry. Do you think if I am there one hour before the sailing I would be able to get one of the 34 spots? Thank you in advance....



Dan Post (Lopez): Ferry Traffic Monday 2/17

I took that 7:45 ferry this morning. Plenty of room. Could have gotten there at the last minute.
James Rapson (Lopez): Ferry Traffic Monday 2/17

I pretty much agree with what Cass said. The Lopez ferry folks are great and do their best to be helpful, but I think they're likely to tell you that they can't predict how much space will be available on the 7:40am on the 17th, or what time you.... Read all
Tracey Cottingham (Lopez): Ferry Traffic Monday 2/17

Even the Lopez Only ferry with 141 car spaces at 10:20am would give you enough time to make it to Seattle especially on a holiday Monday, with lighter traffic mid day.
Dan Post (Lopez): Ferry Traffic Monday 2/17

My opinion. The 7:45 from Lopez to Anacortes on a Holiday Monday will have lots of room. The Orcas people who share that ferry will wait and go on there 8:55 Orcas to Anacortes only. Also people who are here for the holiday will travel Tuesday morning.
Cass Clark (Lopez): Ferry Traffic Monday 2/17

Call the ferry landing and ask them, 360-468-4095. I'm guessing that, if you were in line for the 6:40, you would either get on that one or on the 7:45. That's the way we do it on the island! But check with the ferry landing to be sure that.... Read all