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USPS drop box on the Southend (Other)
Lopez Island
July 11, 2019
Posted by Scott Honeywell (Southend Market and Cafe), Lopez Island

We have just been informed that the Post Office plans to remove the USPS drop box located at the Southend Store.According to the USPS website, drop boxes may be removed if they are under performing? It is also stated that there may be an area need that would justify leaving a drop box in place. From our observations, while there is not a line up to use the drop box, it is used on a regular basis.It is a convenient and safe place to drop off out going mail. Many people don't feel it is safe to leave out going mail in their roadside mailbox. It saves an unnecessary trip to the village. This box has been a fixture for years. What has changed? If you value being able to drop your mail off close to your home please reach out to the Lopez Postmaster. Let her know that this box does fulfill a community need.
Contact Postmaster Christina Johnson at the Lopez Post Office.





Philip Pizzica: USPS drop box on the Southend



Unless it is too late to comment since the drop box is gone now, I simply want to protest this move. I would continue using a box at the Southender as I have for 20 years, saving me many trips to the village in all weather. Consider the gasoline saved!.... Read all