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October 30, 2018
Posted by Bob Parrish (Parrish Land Surveying), Lopez Island

Looking for suggestions
Getting rid of s notch broom.



Mike Colyar: Gardening

Oh, and what really works (though not practical for most) is to have the infested area under grazing. Grass has evolved to survive stepping on it. It just bounces back. Woody plants, like the stupid broom, have not. I have started with a one or two acre.... Read all
Mike Colyar: Gardening

My sister did her senior undergraduate degree paper on this evil stuff. Keep in mind that the seeds have been known to sprout after as much as 90 years so eternal vigilance is your lot.

That said, there are two effective methods of fighting it..... Read all
Betsy Currie: Gardening

Great idea to eradicate Scotch Bloom! Any combination of cutting and digging will help. And then we can tackle the holly 8-)
Steve Snowden: Gardening

I'm sure that the Noxious Weed Control Board would be thrilled with a "Sweep the Broom" group. They have "weed wrenches" that they loan out for free to help pull plants like scotch broom. My guess is that mowing while helping in.... Read all
Linda Hudson: Gardening

For some years, I have wondered if we could work together to eradicate the scotch broom from out island BEFORE it gets totally out of control. I even have a name for a potential group "Sweep The Broom". Right now the infestations I see could be.... Read all
Steve Snowden: Gardening

The Noxious Weed Control Board has a pamphlet on scotch broom listing possible ways of getting rid of it.


I had just a small infestation and managed it by pulling it.... Read all