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Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone (Maintenance and Repair)
Lopez Island
March 12, 2018
Posted by Will Parks, Lopez Island

So we've had a rat problem and I recently found a pretty good solution to getting rid of them with little to no effort. No spring traps, no buckets of drowned rats, and NO poison. It's clean and easy.
Thus far I've killed 14 rats with the same trap since late last fall. All of which have disappeared, either eaten by cats, raccoons, or birds.
Check out Good Nature Rat trap. You can get them on Amazon, or from their website.(they are from New Zealand)They are not the cheapest tool around, but if you set the up correctly, you can sure start to eliminate these pests from around your property. I would recommend getting it with the counter so you can view your progress. You can check out how they work on this youtube link:
or google A24 rat trap.
https://www.automatictrap.com/ is their website

Hope it helps anyone dealing with rats.



Sandy Bishop: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

Thanks for this Will. We bought one too. It's a great trap and a wonderful way to prevent poison spreading into our environment. Sandy and Rhea