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Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone (Maintenance and Repair)
Lopez Island
March 12, 2018
Posted by Will Parks, Lopez Island

So we've had a rat problem and I recently found a pretty good solution to getting rid of them with little to no effort. No spring traps, no buckets of drowned rats, and NO poison. It's clean and easy.
Thus far I've killed 14 rats with the same trap since late last fall. All of which have disappeared, either eaten by cats, raccoons, or birds.
Check out Good Nature Rat trap. You can get them on Amazon, or from their website.(they are from New Zealand)They are not the cheapest tool around, but if you set the up correctly, you can sure start to eliminate these pests from around your property. I would recommend getting it with the counter so you can view your progress. You can check out how they work on this youtube link:
or google A24 rat trap.
https://www.automatictrap.com/ is their website

Hope it helps anyone dealing with rats.



Tamara Buchanan: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

We have a Good Nature Rat trap, snap traps, hava-hart traps, an ultra sonic thing-a-ma-bob, and loads of mint oil and ground habenero pepper....Recently heard of RatX...a combo of corn gluten and salt. Supposed to kill rats and mice, but not anything.... Read all
Nathan Donnelly: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

I just learned a very simple and effective rodent trap via YouTube.
Place about an inch of cooking oil in the bottom of a glass salad bowl. Peanut oil is what was used in the video, which I think would have an attractive odor. Put the bowl in a high.... Read all
Heather Adams: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

We bought a double wide on Lopez last Fall. Since then we've done nothing but major repairing. The rats ate through most of the plumbing (to each bathrooms and started on the kitchen) and the wires that connected the furnace causing serious damage.... Read all
John Fox: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

My best defense has been our cat Moe. He is older now but is an amazing rat killer. We had rats here until we moved full time (with the cat) and he has pretty much eliminated the problem. I saw a rat a few months ago and within a few days the cat was.... Read all
Nathan Donnelly: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

Peanut butter.
Christa Malay: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

We have purchased one and so far no luck catching any rats. Any suggestions for a different bait?
Nathan Donnelly: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

I like to use a catapult.
Also, I've had good luck spraying peppermint oil mixed with mineral oil and water into the places I've had problems with them, like under the hood of my car. They hate that and it has worked wonderfully. Reapply.... Read all
Rhea Miller: Rats-Rats-Rats-b-gone

Thanks for this Will. We bought one too. It's a great trap and a wonderful way to prevent poison spreading into our environment. Sandy and Rhea