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Recommendations Wanted - Yard Crew/Landscaper (Maintenance and Repair)
Lopez Island
March 8, 2018
Posted by Michelle Collyer, Lopez Island

We're looking for a capable crew to help out with projects around our property, like:

- basic fencing (T-post and rolled wire)
- perimeter drainage (culvert, French drain)
- simple construction
- erect hoop house
- build hugelkultur beds
- repair flower beds
- decommission fish pond
- yard clean up

Ideally, we are looking for one or more experienced workers to work with us regularly for at least six months. Someone we can build a relationship with who appreciates a regular customer.

Who do you recommend?



Michelle Collyer: Recommendations Wanted - Yard Crew/Landscaper

Thanks John!
John Oakley: Recommendations Wanted - Yard Crew/Landscaper

moving to the island last fall we were told about grasshopper for our work. they are great, I can not recommend them enough.
Miguel, 360 622-6292