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Do you have a ductless heat pump? (Technology)
Lopez Island
February 16, 2018
Posted by Lorna Reese, Lopez Island

I'm considering installing a ductless heat pump in the spring because my Monitor 2400 is 14 years old and cranky; and it doesn't heat my house as well as I'd thought it would.

If you have a heat pump, would you share your experiences with it. What brand do you have? Where did you get it and who installed it? What size area does it heat? Is it economical, i.e. what kind of increase in your electric bill? And any other information you think would be helpful.

Thank you so much.



Brooks Brooks: Do you have a ductless heat pump?

we have one put in by Sage. Most of the time we love it. It quiet,dependable and not bad looking. It keeps the house warm except when it is as cold as it has been this week.It can't quite heat the house in this cold but the gas logs are good.... Read all
Rochelle Fowler: Do you have a ductless heat pump?

We have a ductless heat pump by Mitsubishi that was installed by SAGE (Doug Poole)here on the island. We also installed one in the guest house. We bought the programmable remote so we wake up to a warm house, and we have it set to turn down at bedtime..... Read all
Jill Rain: Do you have a ductless heat pump?

We put in a Fujitsu Halcyon about 6-8 years ago, had a contractor in FH bring it over and install it on the wall of our first floor near circuit breaker box. Our house is pretty open, 2-story, not many rooms or doors, and the heat pump keeps the whole.... Read all
Tanya Carney: Do you have a ductless heat pump?

I have one that I am very happy with. It's a Dakin, and was installed by Barron. I agree that it would be best to talk about it on the phone. 468-3379. Tanya
Lyn Sorensen: Do you have a ductless heat pump?

We have one and have been very happy with it. If you'd like to talk about it further I think a phone call is best. 206-755-1932