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Chimney sweep recommendation? (Maintenance and Repair)
Lopez Island
October 25, 2017
Posted by Reb Penkala, Lopez Island

We want to get our chimney cleaned and also need to have our flue checked out (the lever to open it is really stiff). Any recommendations? It doesn't necessarily need to be a businnes on-island. Looking for someone thorough and dependable.

Thanks in advance



Robin VanHyning: Chimney sweep recommendation?

We've used Merle for 20+ years. His crew is a little disorganized as far as communication and scheduling, but he will eventually show up (he tries to group jobs on Lopez to once every other week) but he knows his stuff and does a good job.
Jan Crossen: Chimney sweep recommendation?

We also used Merle's from Friday Harbor and highly recommend them!
Stephanie Smith: Chimney sweep recommendation?

We have Merle's Chimney Sweep coming today from Friday Harbor. He came recommended to us from other islanders. He's had a very busy summer and fall so it has been a bit of a challenge to get it scheduled, even then we only got notice last night.... Read all
Cj Wilson: Chimney sweep recommendation?

I also need our chimney inspected and cleaned. did you find anybody Reb? thanks.