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Spraying (Wildlife)
Lopez Island
May 1, 2017
Posted by Brenda Asterino, Lopez Island

I've noticed that there is spraying going on along the paths in the village. Who is spraying and what are they spraying? It is potent enough to turn things brown very fast it seems. I'm wondering why there have been no postings about it. I walk my dog on those paths and I walk on those paths.
It is very close to the swamp and the Bay.



Brenda Asterino: Spraying

Holly, Perhaps if we both contact Jamie Stevens....or all three of us, some addressing of this is more likely to occur.
Brenda Asterino: Spraying

I have contacted Jamie Stevens about spraying on private property in the village. I will try again about this
Holly Bryant: Spraying

I whole heartedly agree with Julienne! We all drink the water that comes out of the ground here on Lopez. Spraying incredibly toxic chemicals JUST TO AVOID WEEDING is potentially endangering anyone here. Glyphosphate is something that stays in the.... Read all
Julienne Battalia: Spraying

You could call the County or Jamie Stevens and see if it is a public entity or a private citizen.
Maybe it is time for an outright ban of
toxic chemicals for weed control in the Village Proper.