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Lopez grown meat kebabs with beef at Vortex!
Jan 29, 2021
4:45 - 6:00pm
Ece’s Eat-UPS at Vortex Café Restaurant
Ece’s Local Eat-UPS is serving local meat kebabs on the metal sticks at Vortex Café Restaurant in our village. Famous Vortex hummus is served with our fixed menu!

This week’s MENU:

Lopez grown beef kebab marinated over 48-hours with Mediterranean spices served with local greens over a cup of organic jasmine rice
Double meat with a LRG sauce $19.00

#2- Spicy Adana KEBAB
Lopez grown ground beef marinated over 48-hours with the Mediterranean herbs and mild spicy red peppers served with local greens’ salad over a cup of organic jasmine rice with a SM size sauce
Reg $14.00

Sides - Extra SAUCES & BREAD
HUMMUS $3.00
Extra BREAD $1.50

2oz non-fat organic pudding shots $2.00
2oz hemp milk pudding shots $2.50

Take out only (including seating at the deck, at the backyard or at the next door Beer Garden)

Email any day of the week to place your order at ece.wejconsulting@gmail.com

Orders can be delivered to your car per your request.

The local meats are from the Horse Drawn Farm! Thanks❤️

They will be served for you on Friday 29th between 4:45pm and 6:00pm at Vortex.

Thank you for all your good feedback!