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Pathways: Eden Rose's Journey (Other)
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August 25, 2019, 8:00pm
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Sunday, 8PM, KLOI Radio
Pathways: Eden Rose’s Journey

Eden Rose lives on Lopez Island and is doing healing work. She stewards the Earth and humanity with various kinds of planetary work including the Blue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony. This has three parts and involves, among others, using musical frequencies based on various studies and research.

Eden Rose has worked and lived in New Mexico; has travelled and studied in Peru; and has spent time studying in Colorado and parts of the East Coast. She shares some of her journey
and her personal experiences with us. She also shares information on the Blue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony which she does here on Lopez.

I very much enjoyed hearing about her experiences and studies, along with some information on the culture and history of parts of Peru. Her various ceremonies (more than just the Blue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony) are interesting and pertinent to the times. Many of you will like to hear about these experiences, too.

For more information: starswellhealing.com

This originally aired in 2018.
Recorded, edited, and produced by Brenda Asterino. Technical advice: Aaron Stephenson.

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