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Posted by Nesticia Tijerina
Lopez Island
Mar 1, 2021
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Rent to Own
Mar 1, 2021
Hello everyone

I know this is an unsual post, But I felt as if I had to write it.

My family and I are looking for a house to buy and call our own. It jas been a dream of my husband and I for many years. However we have been unable to qualify for loans and other financial help for various reasons. The biggest one is we have no credit and places are not willing to take a chance on those who have no credit.

So I am writting a post here on lopez rocks to those who are looking to sell thier houses to ask if they are willing to take a chance on a rent to Own type of deal. My husband and I both work and we are able to afford around 1,100-1,300 a month if that was to include utilities. I know it's not much... I apologize for that.

By now I am betting you would like to know what we are looking for and more about us. Well we are a family of three. My husband and I have a wounderful son who just turned thirteen. We also have a very loving and friendly doggo.He is almost three years of age and is a husky/hound mix so he is on the larger side of the scale, about 80-100 lbs, but he is not destructive.

We are hoping to find a Two bedroom, maybe even a three with a little yard for our doggo to play in. If possible we would love for it to be fenced but if not that is fine. If it was alright with the seller of the property we would be happy to build a fence.

At the moment in our current situations we are living in what would be concidered somones basement paying 1,500 a month with utilities, not including garbage and have no kitchen. We do have a sink, cupboards, a counter and a fridge but no stove or oven

We are very rarely late on payments and sometimes on occasion we are able to pay double on rent and utilities. We do not cause problems and are quiet. Except on rare occasions where we have the radio on at moderate levels during barbecues which are typically few and far between. We do not have many guests normally just one or two and are not known to throw loud parties.

My husband has various skills including,wood working, carpentry, gardening and landscaping. He is also handy in house repair, minor plumbing, minor electrical and cabnitry.

So if there is anyone out there looking to sell a vacation house, a secondary house or home of any kind and are willing to take a chance on a small family and thier beloved doggo looking to fulfill thier dream of having thier own home. We would love to hear from you.

My name is Nesticia Tijerina
my phone number is 360-814-4526
My Email is: nesticiat@gmail.com