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Started by Dean Hoshizaki
Feb 24, 2021
"Covid-19 is not a big deal" says someone.
Feb 24, 2021
"It is not a big deal", is something one hears occasionally. I agree, it not a big deal to them or for them. And perhaps it may never be.

However, for some people it is a "big deal".

This is a link to a NY Times short movie "Through a Nurse’s Eyes" (GoPro cams on Nurses) on what a kind of "deal" it is for some.

And the stack of bill will be over 3-4 inches thick. I think ICU is about 15K-20K a day now.

Quick addition: Thinking about this more, one must point out MOST people do not get very sick. So one could say, if we had a way to tell who would get sick and who would not get sick, that could be BETTER than a vaccine. Perhaps once we "science the the hell out of it" we will be able to do so.
Comment by Steve Snowden
Feb 25, 2021
It is hard to believe that some people consider the loss of 500,000 fellow Americans to not be a big deal. Sigh, it is a sad commentary on modern society.