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Posted by Daniel Alexander
Lopez Island
Jan 2, 2021
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Foul weather, heavy duty work clothes and/or for excercise
Jan 2, 2021
I know finding a good fit would be statstically unlikely, but...

I'm a 6'02" male with a 40" waist for pants. Looking for something I can wear in foul / wet / rainy weather and work outside without worry of getting wet and cold. I could go online of course, but I'd rather help something be re-purposed. I can go 38" too if that's available.

I have a jacket I could use but it is a bit bulky so I'm looking for something geared more towards swinging an ax. Large or XL (about 45" chest).

Also, I'm running again, so some foul weather workout clothes are needed too. Water resistent running pants and a good water resistent wind breaker are needed.