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free writing practice
Nov 17, 2020
online or by phone
This is a daily (Monday through Friday) free writing practice
I am doing a daily free writing practice (Monday through Friday) from 10-10:30 am each day. I've found that this practice of free writing for a half hour each weekday morning has phenomenal benefits in a bunch of different ways: if you are trying to develop a creative habit, if you are trying to figure something out about yourself or your behavior, if you are trying to strengthen a narrative, if you are trying to make a decision or a change- this is a great way to help you do it.

You can call in to attend by phone or online by Zoom.

Contact Laurie Parker for the call-in number or Zoom link, for instructions, and with any questions.

call or text 360-632-8958
or email paurielarker@gmail.com