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Ferry Road Fundraiser (From Individuals)
Lopez Island
August 14, 2020
Posted by Stephanie Vallejo (WonderfuelWorks), Lopez Island

I hope this is ok to post here. I have been running a go fund me to help with the clean up of my property on Ferry Road. Every penny from my fundraiser goes back in to the local economy. Below is the update I posted today. If you are able every little bit helps!

Many thanks!

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Just wanted to give an update. As of this morning I have been able to fully pay off 3 of the 4 local individuals/companies that have been allowing me to make payments. If I can reach my goal I will be able to pay all and pay for the majority of the material re-purposing that is keeping most of what would have been garbage out of the landfills! If by the grace of everyone i go over my goal I will be able to hire more local work and be able to add safe propane lines as well as water lines from the well. I am so unbelievably grateful to everyone who has donated.

Other ways people have helped have been paying for loads at the dump, loaning me trucks and machinery to help manage and haul the excess around. Feeding me...oh my gawd thank you for feeding me! The constant support and encouragement for the work I have accomplished and the dreams I am working toward.

To answer a couple of questions concerning the fencing...I am growing my animal care business and one of the major reasons is to create a safe, private space where the dogs i work with can run free. It will not be a public dog park because the liability is too much and does nothing to help the number of dogs who may not be dog friendly get a chance to get there ya-ya's off.

TO give you some input on what is happening with the boats et. al. with any luck the bow of Martha will remain whole and be set upright in the back corner of the property to create a grotto of sorts. it will create wonderful bat habitat as well as create shade space and will plant a lovely flowering something to grow within it. The bus is also going to be turned into a magnificent garden of flowers which will have a smaller fenced area around it for a smaller space to be for puppies or smaller dogs, or to simply sit and have a cuppa while the flowers bloom.

They are all big dreams and we have yet to start disassembling the Rainbow Rider, The materials tell us what is possible as we go along but this is where it is, I am and I thank you with all the gratitude in my heart for helping me get here.