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Lopez Island Recovers Network (Assistance, Support, Volunteering)
Lopez Island
April 3, 2020
Posted by Marcia DeChadenedes (San Juan Islands National Monument), Lopez Island

Hello everyone! Is this your first Pandemic, too?

As a result of a suggestion made to all 3 islands from the County's Disaster Management Coordinator, a network has been created to address recovery efforts/needs on Lopez, a system that runs alongside BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE IMMEDIATE, MEDICAL/EMERGENCY CARE SERVICES.

The Lopez network's purpose is to:

- Provide an organizational tool to support care and services that local activists are providing i.e. sewing, shopping, deliveries, childcare.
- Ensure that local needs are identified and shared, no one gets lost in the cracks.
- Build capacity by connecting individuals and groups pursuing similar goals and to help avoid duplication of effort
- Support local economies, workers and businesses, through this period

To facilitate this coordination we have started a website: https://lopezIsland.recovers.org

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you some skill and time to share, this is where you go - sign onto the volunteer database and identify the key words that represent your abilities. Your information is secure and only shared with registered organizations looking for help.

ORGANIZATIONS NEEDED! If you are an organization with something to offer and/or could benefit from volunteers and donations - register here to make your services known and to give you access to the volunteer data base.

YOU NEED SOMETHING! If you have a need that you aren't sure how to meet and stay safe - register here and research the opportunities

Community Emergency Notices will also be posted here.

See also in the Weekly Paper: Islanders Helping Islanders for hard copy news of services and opportunities.