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Proposed RMP for San Juan Islands National Monument (Environment and Preservation)
Lopez Island
November 30, 2019
Posted by Sally Reeve (Flint Beach Ohana), Lopez Island

With BLM public meetings happening this coming week and another public meeting on December 10th, it is time to start discussing substantive issues in the Proposed RMP.

The Proposed RMP is a huge document and a lasting document as it will be the 'law' for the Monument for the next 10-20 years. We are reviewing this and have prepared a short summary of issues and a list of sites for your information (attached). A more detailed description of the information is available at www.SanJuanIslandsNM.org. We will continue to update information on that website throughout the protest period. Protests must be submitted by December 22, 2019.

Potential areas of concern for many in our community: Public access allowed to sensitive areas such as marine mammal haulouts, priority ecological communities and cultural sites; Dispersed camping with permit allowed at many of these sites and Indian Island, Cattle Point, Kellett Bluff and many other places within the Monument; Use of herbicides as vegetative treatment; Hunting and target shooting allowed during hunting seasons throughout the Monument except in 3 designated campgrounds; Not managing lands with Wilderness Characteristics for their wilderness characteristics; Downgrading 232 acres to a lower visual resource management level; Wildfire risk to our community; No group size limit of 10 at prior ACEC areas; Inconsistencies within the document making it difficult for BLM managers to use in the future.

If you have concerns with the Proposed RMP or find discrepancies in the Proposed RMP, email info@SanJuanIslandsNM.org

Photo is of Leo Reef, from BLM site catalogue. Leo Reef is visible from the ferry routes, a marine mammal haulout and under the Proposed RMP would have public access and designated camping with a permit.

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Marcia DeChadenedes: Proposed RMP for San Juan Islands National Monument



SIGNIFICANT NOTE: Today we heard from the Protest Office: Because the protest period ends on a Sunday, they will allow protests to continue to arrive through ePlanning (https://go.usa.gov/xRphc) or be posted by snail mail

MONDAY, DEC.... Read all
Sally Reeve: Proposed RMP for San Juan Islands National Monument



To clarify, the reference you found on the Islanders website lists various concerns that folks may have with the Proposed RMP, pulled from scoping and Draft RMP comments, with user conflicts being just one - and there are several potential user conflicts not just equestrian/hiker.

The website isn't a blueprint for a protest, it is a starting point for people to think about issues and respond according to what they believe is right for the monument. Just as with the Guide to the Issues published around this time last year - this is a way to get the issues we have heard raised out there for folks to consider. We aren't telling anyone what they should say in their Protest. Full disclosure, in the Guides, we did in some instances, make recommendations but presented several viewpoints in the discussion for the reader to consider.

Going back to the Guides and comments - equestrian discussion is about desire of folks to ride horses on trail and concerns of others about stepping in horse manure/introduction of invasive plants thru horse manure/trails not wide enough for horse and hiker to pass/damage to trails.

Your experience may help others understand the equestrian/hiker interface and your desire to have access to trails for equestrian use. Thank you for sharing.
Leslie Quenell: Proposed RMP for San Juan Islands National Monument



There are many valid concerns with the BLM document. However the concern expressed by Sally concerning interactions on Chadwick Hill between hikers and equestrians I can speak to from personal experience. Interactions between hikers and equestrians are.... Read all