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Pop-top, light weight camper for full size truck. $2000 (Automotive)
Lopez Island
November 20, 2019
Posted by Nathan Donnelly (Reverence Permaculture), Lopez Island

I have a '97 Sun-Lite camper that belonged to my grandfather. He always stored it in a garage. I have stored it in a carport. Has a propane fridge, range, and furnace. Sleeps 3-4. Electrical lighting, and it's own deep cell battery. Lots of storage compartments. Really the sweet spot for a camper because it has all the important features without being heavy. My F-150 hauled it and you could barely feel the handling change at all. I have also never been charged for an over height vehicle on the ferry, and it doesn't make the vehicle any longer either. It has a few bumps and bruises, but is otherwise in great shape and perfectly functional. The pop-top goes up and down in about 30 seconds and is super easy for only one person to operate. I've had great times camping in cold/wet weather with it and would never sell it, but I don't have a truck to haul it with now. It has also been a wonderful guest "cottage", but I need the space in my carport for a building project.