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Starting January 12, 2018, 6:00pm
Posted by Lopez Island Family Resource Center, Lopez Island
Daily activities, workshops and events
See Lopez Rocks calendar for details on the daily events.

On Friday, January 12th, there will be a sing-a-long event with social justice themed songs led by Bob Gerfy, Rhea Miller, Sharon Abreu, Michael Hurwicz, Nick & Susie Teague and other talented local musicians.

Saturday, January 13th there will be a screening of the documentary about the "IF PROJECT" which follows the lives of incarcerated women and demonstrates the power we can have on each other's lives, followed by conversations with Seattle Police Detective Kim Bogucki, who co-founded the project.

Sunday, January 14th there will be fun, kids friendly, arts and crafts, music and activities for the "We Love the Salish Sea" Project led by Kai Sanburn and a "Be Connected, Be Strong and Be Compassionate" Workshop with dessert led by Brenda Asterino.

Monday, January 15th, there will be a story-telling and music event with lunch led by Ed Sheridan.

Thursday, January 18th at the Locavore community dinner at Lopez School, there will be a screening of a video made by 6th grade students about their new Peer Mediation program and copies of "Lobos Print" available, featuring high school journalist articles on social justice. Times and locations will be posted on Lopez Rocks.

During January 12-18, there will also be Random Acts of Kindness Jars at businesses on the island. Take time to write down something kind you have seen someone do. They will be collected and posted online on Lopez Rocks and the LIFRC website.