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Edible mushroom? (Horticulture and Forestry)
Lopez Island
December 31, 2017
Posted by Lori Taylor (Health Insurance Northwest), Lopez Island

Can anyone identify this mushroom?



Toby Sebastian: Edible mushroom?

100% not a chanterelle Lori
Nathan Donnelly: Edible mushroom?

A photograph is not enough to go on with such a non-descript mushroom as you have there. Even if it were a crisp photo there is no way to tell it's size.
It would be helpful also to know what color spore print it produces, what environment it was.... Read all
Michael Hawk: Edible mushroom?

With the crap picture, I say it's a russula of some variety. Dont eat it.
Chanterelle will have gills extending onto its stem. This example note its gills abruptly end.
Brenda Asterino: Edible mushroom?

After I posted, it occurred to me that I bet someone at Blossom will know what it is.
Lori Taylor: Edible mushroom?

Thanks, Brenda! These are quite small, more brown than orange. If they are chantrelles, they are young. I have 3 mushroom books and cannot find any pictures that look like these! My pup is a 'shroomer and has eaten many with no side effects, but.... Read all
Brenda Asterino: Edible mushroom?

Using some cards that says not to use to decide to eat:
Hmmm... If it is biolumescent, it could be an Eastern Jack O'Latern and is Poisonous but looks like chantrelles.

Are your pics right re: color? If it has some greenish look and is.... Read all