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Hanna Somatic Education (Health and Exercise)
Midnight's Farm Down Dog studio, Lopez Island
Starting January 3, 2018, 5:30pm
Posted by Joan Kauffman, Lopez Island
Neuromuscular re-education
1st 4 Wednesdays in January

This class uses the principles of Hanna Somatic Education to increase your body's freedom of movement, comfort and grace. As we age, our bodies can become increasingly stiff as they respond to stress, injury and repetitive strain. Our brain controls our movements. Over time, the brain can learn to continually hold ineffective patterns of posture and movement that result in stiffness and pain. Our brain merely "forgets" how to relax these chronically contracted muscles. Slow and gentle somatic exercises reeducate your brain to release these habitual postural patterns and replace them with ones that allow you to continually increase your awareness, flexibility and bodily comfort while decreasing pain. This class is well suited for those with chronic pain, stiff joints, poor posture or repetitive stress injuries. It is also beneficial for active individuals who are working toward increasing their flexibility and strength.

Class movements are done primarily on the floor. Mats and blankets are provided. Some participants might benefit from having a pillow for neck comfort.

$10 per class