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December 26, 2017
Posted by Katherine Castaneda, Lopez Island

The other day, I was at the market and I overheard a conversation, of what seem to be tourist at the island, they were enjoying there weekend here but 1 of them made this comment:

" it's really pretty here but there isn't anything apart from this market and the fudge factory were to shop,and they close super early so I wonder... how do people live here like this?!?!"

It caught my attention, I may have thought this once or twice, I've got used to living on the island and then I thought to my self, "what do other people who live here think about this? " so here I am just being curious about this...



Lorrie Johnson: Just being curious...

I love when they ask where the mall is and I send them To TIOLI 😁
Natalie Wilson: Just being curious...

As the owner of the fudge factory I interact with visitors here every day. Some are visiting family, some are feeling blessed that they have a friend with a house on Lopez who offered them the opportunity to experience our beautiful island. Women's.... Read all
Janis Miltenberger: Just being curious...

Isn't it great to have places that are different!? Perhaps our country has focused a but much on the franchising of how our life and towns should look and behave.
I remember when ferry rd was quite a bit narrower, and the county ended up.... Read all
Ruth Perkins: Just being curious...

I think it's awesome that Horse Drawn Farm is on the honor system and now I've learned that Lopez Farm Center is too! It's great!
When I grew up in New England we used to walk to the local dairy farm and put whatever $ we had into the.... Read all
Sally Gaddis: Just being curious...

One of the simplest, but greatest answers is that we love spending time at home with our family, friends and pets.
Juliene Gschwend: Just being curious...

Visitors don't know everything- reserve/landbank properties, farmstands, library, Tioli, yoga studio- they just look around the tiny village and see it's closed down a lot of the winter...I have come to Lopez every weekend year round for 3.... Read all
Linda Hudson: Just being curious...

When we relocated to Olympia (for 8 months) we saw that the bulk of traffic on the roads was either related to shopping and/or going to places to eat....and there was a LOT of traffic. Nice town, actually, but not for us. We find MORE than enough to.... Read all
John Waugh: Just being curious...

I agree with others about Lopez being community driven, not tourist or shopping driven. That being said, how could someone miss the great shopping opportunities here? Paper Scissors has great stock, including art supplies and gifts, etc. Sunset, in.... Read all
Michael Hawk: Just being curious...

No different than anywhere else.
Welcome to living in a rural small town.
Kirman Taylor: Just being curious...

I recall the "Sustainable Tourism" incident a year or two ago that encapsulated the Lopezian tourist experience to be the sharing our island, community and values, not creating a special environment for tourist entertainment and distorting our.... Read all
Brenna Jael: Just being curious...

I think it's hilarious to go out to the country and expect it to be like the city.
Jodi Fowler: Just being curious...

Lopez Farm Center is open 24/7 on the honor system. Wonder what the tourists would think of that?
Richard Phelps: Just being curious...

For me I admire the life style that Lopez provides this includes how businesses choose to operate. I resonate on this because this was the way it was when I grew up. Good strong family values that go onto good business practices. Can you remember when.... Read all
Nathan Donnelly: Just being curious...

We've learned not to buy our lives from businesses.