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Geotechnical Engineer? (Maintenance and Repair)
Lopez Island
November 28, 2017
Posted by Chris Cvetkovich, Lopez Island

Can anyone recommend a Geotechnical Engineer that services the islands? I've already tried contacting Boundary Water and Geissler in Friday Harbor but both phones have been disconnected. Thanks!

(What I need)

a qualified civil engineer, or certified engineering geologist; (b) with experience analyzing geologic, hydrologic, and groundwater flow systems and slope stability, seismicity, faulting and liquefaction; and (c) is licensed to practice in the state of Washington. When the proposed development or vegetation removal is located in an area subject to coastal geomorphological processes, the professional shall have demonstrated experience in evaluating and providing technical recommendations related to sediment and sediment transport, and effects on property and shoreline stability.



John Geniuch: Geotechnical Engineer?

Hello Chris,

I saw your question on Lopez Rocks regarding geotechnical engineering.

Our firm is based in Friday Harbor but we work on all of the islands. I work with a geologist who has extensive professional experience and is.... Read all