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Lopez Island
October 23, 2017
Posted by Don Burt, Jr (Saddleback Sheep Ranch), Lopez Island

I put this letter out to answer some questions on why I would like to serve our community as being a school board member. I submitted this awhile ago but it was deleted, I see maybe I am able to try to submit it again:
I decided to run for school board to be more involved in my community, and I think I would ad diversity, and a different perspective than is being offered with the currant board, and the community needs someone who will listen, get them answers and resolve their issues in a timely fashion.
The biggest challenge facing the school board right now is the completion of our school renovation project of 11.2 Million dollars.
I feel we need to come up with a improved maintenance budget so we do not need to come back to the community in 20 years and ask for a multi million dollar tax levy for another renovation. The other issue will be teacher union negotiations and I am in favor of supporting our great teaching staff. Issue number three is getting a reply to some recently asked questions by community members that don't seem to be getting answered by the current board.
My back ground for serving on the school board is my children and I both attended lopez School, and I have a grandchild currently attending. I have been on several boards over the last fifteen years including the county fair board, 4-h committees, and a couple of agriculture boards on the state level. While on these boards we have managed small to large budgets, sponsored youth events, and scholarships.
Thank you Don Burt Jr.