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All my candidate signs stolen (Elections and Referendums)
Lopez Island
October 21, 2017
Posted by Chris Greacen, Lopez Island

Yesterday between 1pm and 5pm I put up 17 "Chris Greacen School Board" signs. And I gave another three to folks who were going to put them up by themselves.

I went around the island this morning and noticed that all signs (between 17 and 20) had been removed.

When I put them up I staked them pretty deep in the ground, so I know the wind didn't get them. I had permission from all the property owners to put them up.

They'd been systematically removed.

I'm very disappointed. This undermines democracy and free speech. And the theft of each sign is a misdemeanor under Washington State law.

I'm in the process of filing a police report. If anyone knows who did this, please contact the Sheriff's office. If you saw suspicious activity at any of the locations on a map I'll post at tiny.cc/lopezsigntheft either yesterday afternoon or last night, let the sheriff know.

If did it and you're reading this, put them back and make a public apology

I'd like to thank Don Burt for calling me this morning. He's upset about this too. It doesn't help either of us.

I've got some signs, and they're going back up.





Chris Greacen: All my candidate signs stolen



If anyone would like to volunteer put up a few signs, I'd love the help. I've got a list of property owners and signs ready to go.

Steve Horn: All my candidate signs stolen



Chris, I'm so sad to hear - and see - that this has happened. One of the signs was on our property and we were glad to have it there. We really appreciate your replacing it and will hope that this election takes the high road from now on. The island.... Read all