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Don Burt Jr for school board (Elections and Referendums)
Lopez Island
October 17, 2017
Posted by Don Burt, Jr (Saddleback Sheep Ranch), Lopez Island

I am running for Lopez School board member.
I am a 5 th generation Lopez Islander, farmer and carpenter.
I attended Lopez School. I had three children attend and currently have one grandchild attending.
I have served on the fairboard,two terms which is a county council appointment. I was San Juan island grange president for two years, during that time I oversaw a 2 million dollar contaminated soil cleanup project on grange owned property. I was also Lopez grange president for one year. I have been a 4 -h leader for twenty seven years. During that time I was on the livestock auction committee overseeing the fair auction and thru fund raising we had an annual budget of ten thousand dollars that we used for fair and 4-h improvements, youth education, and youth scholarships.
I was also on the farm service agency board overseeing payments for agriculture programs to farmers and fisherman.
I will bring diversity, and a different perspective to the board while being the people's advocate. Thank you for your support





Trisha Arnott: Don Burt Jr for school board



Don Burt will be here and approachable for he doesn't leave the states / Country for months at a time.