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UW Clinic Registration (Health Services)
Lopez Island
October 9, 2017
Posted by Erin Bernardi, Lopez Island

After hearing several dramas about people trying to get an appointment at the UW Lopez Clinic and being told they (we ALL) need to register and get our info into the UW database before getting an appointment, I decided to register. FYI, I phoned 360 468-2245 at about 7:30am and a pleasant young man helped me register over the phone. I waited for a human for less than 1 minute and the process took under 5 minutes and I asked a number of questions and got some interesting answers regarding utilizing UW ecare, online and how long it will take our medical records to be in the UW system.

I asked how we might arrange some public Q & A sessions about getting registered, utilizing UW online services, etc. He told me that would go through our UW Lopez Clinic Manager and that he would transfer me "directly" to her line and that if she did not answer, I could leave her a voicemail. Hit a dead end because if the office manager does not answer the phone, it goes to a general front desk message machine. With everything going on in this transition, it would seem better communication to be able to leave a message directly for the office manager?





Crystal Rovente: UW Clinic Registration



Hello Erin,

I apologize for the inconvenience! Please feel free to call back anytime and request to speak with the office manager. Front desk can patch you back to me immediately during business hours. I apologize, I am no longer responding.... Read all