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Case 660 Trencher --a Money Maker (Appliances, Tools, Equipment)
Lopez Island
March 8, 2018
Posted by Ron Norman (Norfeld Farm), Lopez Island

CASE 660 TRENCHER 1990 CUMMINS 4 cylinder Diesel-----(Replaced Engine not too long ago.) MANY NEW PARTS: New PLANETARY on Digging Chain, TIRES, New DIGGING CHAIN, NEW SPROCKET, ALTERNATOR, BATTERY, New SUN GEAR, New SUN SHAFT, Rebuilt TRANSFER CASE with New BEARINGS, Many NEW HOSES. Four-Way Steering. Can dig 800 feet in 2 hours in good soil---can dig seven feet Deep. RELIABLE, STRONG. A REAL WORK HORSE. LOPEZ ISLAND. Best to CALL versus email for a FASTER RESPONSE. $10,850. RON NORMAN 360.468.3642