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Windswept Fine Art Gallery (Painting, Drawing)
783 Port Stanley Rd
Lopez Island, WA 98261
Plein Air landscape paintings by Steven R. Hill

There are places in this world where we all like to go to escape the awkward rhythm of our too-busy lives, to "play in the garden". We may feel a strong urge to linger on a sun-drenched rock where water meanders or hike over pathways that wind through interesting terrain. We like to stand at the edges of fields, along coastal areas, visit beautiful ancient villages or just perch somewhere to contemplate how changing light makes everything look and feel sensual. Without light, there is nothing left to define painting elements like color, shape or form. We like to return to a favorite room and lay our hands on familiar objects, read poetry, books, sink into meditation.

If I could put my finger on why I paint, what I paint , where and how I paint, it is to simply search-out these special places and explore the emotional moments with all senses on high alert throughout the entire process of creating art.