A Community Website by Lopez Island
Taproot, Lopez Community Kitchen (Food and Farming)
1008-C Dill Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261
Provide shared equipment and facilities to create value added food products to support small family farms and businesses.

The purpose of Taproot is to operate a certified commercial kitchen and food processing facility on Lopez Island. As a cooperative we want to provide local food processors access to a certified commercial kitchen on a nonprofit-basis.

Our goal is to promote and support local entrepreneurship while fostering connections between food, land stewardship, and the health and economic well-being of our community. This kitchen is another step in our community's journey towards a greater food independence.

It is vitally important that local producers have a place to make their products, and that the cost of that facility is shared by many hands. This kitchen will benefit all of us, by enabling small businesses to expand, innovate, and flourish.

We hope to help people create healthy, locally made products that will eventually become an integral part of the food-web of the San Juans Islands.

Our business plan calls for the ongoing operating costs to be covered by membership and user fees. However, we need your immediate financial support to remodel the building and furnish the kitchen.

Visit the website www.LopezTaproot.org to see who is involved, what they want to do, get answers to your questions and.....of course....donate.