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The Quilter's Studio (Arts and Crafts)
77 Village Road, Lopez Island, W
Lopez Island, WA 98261
"Quilting has taught me there’s no one right way to do anything. I encourage you to approach fabric, color, technique and pattern from many directions. Ultimately, all that matters is if you like it."

At the age of twenty, Anne Dawson dreamed that someday she’d live in the country and have a quilting studio. Twenty-five years later, after working in fabric shops, restoring and making quilts, and teaching quilt making, she opened her restoration quilt business in her small, rural community of Lopez Island, Washington. For the past fourteen years, she has gone to her studio most every day to, as she says, “Do something with fabric.”

Over the years, The Quilter’s Studio has grown to include classes, personalized instruction, creative support for the quilting community, and a “small but mighty” selection of fabric and supplies.

A profile and photographs of Anne and her work are included in the book, Hands at Work-Portraits and Profiles of People Who Work with Their Hands (Heron Moon Press, 2008)