A Community Website by Lopez Island
Midnight's Farm
3042 Center Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261
Compost, Wood Chips, Beef and Pork

Our farm is home to three families, a wood-fired bakery, pigs, cattle, ducks, two cats, five dogs, a compost facility, an old orchard, a big barn, a yoga studio, a 9KW Photovoltaic array, two ponds, wetlands, a multitude of swallows in the summer, frogs that deafen us in spring, pasture, gardens, hard work, good food and a sauna on Sunday evening.

We have cattle who are rotationally grazed in the spring, summer and fall. This adds fertility to the fields and keeps the cattle healthy and happy. In the winter they are bedded down on woodchips in the overwinter area. Their bedding and manure is composted in a large aerated compost system. We are excited to be building fertility on the island.

3042 Center Road.