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Need advice on local phone service

I have had my same local phone service through Century Link for 20 years.
Today I began receiving calls which my caller ID identifies as MY OWN NUMBER and MY OWN NAME. When I called Century Link about this, they nicely explained that my number has been "spoofed", which means another person/business has found a way to make calls showing my name and number. They said there is nothing they can do about it, since the problem is not that my line has been hacked.
They sent me a very informative email explaining all the things I can do if this is happening. I can pay for a service that will block a certain number or I can change my phone number.
I do have a cell phone but do not have good cell coverage where I live down here off Burt Road near Davis Bay. So I can't rely only on a cell phone.
I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions. I don't want to change the number I have had for 20 years and I don't want to have to pay for my own name and phone number to be blocked on my own phone.
I am assuming that whoever is doing this is also calling other people who could be "tricked" into answering the call because they think it's me. Century Link said that's why they do it.
Any help is appreciated! PLEASE EMAIL me with any comments, suggestions, etc.
Thanks to Lopezians who might help.
Most sincerely,
Email: qamar@rockisland.com

SubjectNeed advice on local phone service
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