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RADIO:Pathways: Felicity Green Conversation, Laughter, and Wisdom

Sundays 8PM

Felicity Green: Conversation, Laughter, and Wisdom

Felicity Green is along term resident of Lopez Island. With an intriguing and heart-warming journey, Felicity shares her story of healing and becoming a healer. With wisdom and laughter,
hear about her struggles and her own development along the way. Among her treasured budgies at Hamlet, Felicity talks about her world travels and the amazing people she has met while on her own path of learning and teaching. Yoga has been a major marker for her, but we all can relate to how her story evolves and turns.

The topics include: religion; spirituality; philosophy; body awareness and practices; spiritual and practical teachers; and much more. Others mentioned include B. K. S. Iyengar and Yehudi Menuhin.

Along with travels, education in many countries, and family experiences, she is also a local author of books on yoga and self awareness. Her books are: The Principles of Yoga for Beginners; Easy Creaky Yoga, Stay Strong and Flexible as you grow older; and Who Are You? For thoughtful people who are curious about creating a life of awareness.

Thanks to Aaron Stephenson for recording tech assistance. Thanks to Alexander Nakarata at freepd.com for his composition, "Marked". Thanks to Hamlet House for use of their location.

If you cannot get this program via 102.9FM, it can be heard via kloi.org internet streaming at 8 PM on Sunday.

SubjectRADIO:Pathways: Felicity Green Conversation, Laughter, and Wisdom
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